Meet our Team

Ashraf Rizvi

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Digital Swiss Gold (DSG) Ashraf understands that to many, gold is more than just a commodity. He saw this first-hand as the Managing Director and Deputy Head of Global Commodities and the Global Head of Metals at UBS, one of the largest gold houses in the world. He then co-founded SummerHaven Investment Management, a commodity focused investment manager with nearly $2 billion in assets under management. For the past 12 years, he served as a Member of the Undergraduate Board at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics. Ashraf started DSG because he wanted to democratize the gold standard. His goal is to provide investors everywhere access to gold with the benefits of ease of use, safety, security and savings. With DSG, gold is more than just a commodity to hold onto: it’s a symbol of economic independence.

Joe Schultz

If you ask Joe what he likes to do for fun, he’ll tell you he enjoys waterskiing, hiking and working…working a lot.Over the past 25 years, Joe worked at AIG International as Vice President in Operations and SummerHaven Investment Management as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Partner. He also was a Partner and COO at Basso Capital Management a multi-billion-dollar investment management firm. Joe received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Baruch College at the City University of New York. Eventually, Joe’s expertise brought him to Digital Swiss Gold (DSG), where he currently serves as the COO and a Founding Partner. During his career Joe developed a passion for the financial freedom gold can bring. At DSG, Joe continues to do one of his favorite things – working hard – to provide an institutional operational capability for all DSG clients.

Kamran Qamar

Working in the technology field for over 15 years, Kamran has focused on setting ambitious professional goals for himself and his team. Kamran embodied this ambition as Vice President of Information Technology at Crius Energy, a firm with over 1 million clients, where he devoted himself to instilling a culture of creative collaboration for over 450 employees, while personally leading a team of 30 engineers across multiple offices and playing a key role in encouraging the efficient use of a $20MM Technology budget. Kamran received his Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology from Northeastern University and his Master’s in Technology Management at Columbia University in New York City. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DSG, Kamran understands the vital role that the latest cutting-edge technology plays in growing businesses, but he also understands the power of people. That’s why Kamran’s firm belief in People, Process and then Technology has become his roadmap to success. “As technology continues to grow, so should people’s ambitions. It should be matched every step of the way.”

Eugenio Ferrigno

As Head of Operations Eugenio ensures your Gold buying experience is as efficient as possible. Eugenio is excited to utilize his experience as a Senior Project Manager for RBS and as an Executive Director at UBS to make Digital Swiss Gold a reality. As a Project Manager, Eugenio was responsible for the legal operations pertaining to elements of the Dodd Frank bill, the transformation of Risk and Valuations for the US Rates and Business and was the Project Lead for the Americas for FATCA. Eugenio studied finance at the Kaufmännischer Verband and ETF Zurich. When he’s not making the digital gold buying process easier, Eugenio is collecting limited edition guitars and cheering on the New York Rangers.

Allison Smith Terrey

Project Manager Allison already had the experience of building two global Marketing Operations departments from the ground up when she signed on with Digital Swiss Gold. Allison has managed multiple enterprise marketing platform implementations and has been recognized by her peers in Marketing Operations. As Vice President of Global Marketing Operations and Technology for Pitney Bowes she created and deployed a change management plan that drove adoption, awareness and advocacy across the entire department. Allison attended the University of Pennsylvania and earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Initially attracted by DSG’s global vision, Allison knew working with a top team and using cutting-edge technology to build a game-changing App was too good to pass up. When she’s not working on several projects at once, you can find Allison refining her pottery skills at the local arts center.

Saira Rizvi

Storytelling has always been an essential component to Saira’s long lasting success, from her time as an industrial engineer, to working as a research analyst, to leading DSG’s marketing team as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Saira’s own story starts out at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering. From there, Saira worked at Qualex Inc., a division of Eastman Kodak where her engineering skills focused on spearheading the productivity and efficiency improvements of the company’s largest manufacturing facilities. She obtained her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Imperial College, University of London. Eventually, joining UBS as an equity analyst focusing on Aerospace and Defense before moving on to Credit and Market Risk, where she served as a Director for three years. She has spent the last 3 years as founder and CEO of her own digital marketing firm focusing on content creation and social media. Through her many years of experience, Saira has developed the perfect balance of analytical foresight and out-of-the-box creativity to tell DSG’s story across every digital platform.

Andrew Breunig

As a member of the marketing team, Andrew is thrilled to help bring Digital Swiss Gold to the world. Andrew’s experience as a content creator includes working as a working as a Communications Specialist for Sikorsky Aircraft, a marketing specialist for several start-ups in New York City, and producing morning shows as a TV producer at Fox 61 in Hartford. Andrew helps bring the DSG vision to the world through shooting and editing engaging videos, writing informative content and creating infographics. Andrew received a Bachelor’s in Communications from Quinnipiac University.